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Kickstarting Fun: Join Us in Bringing Futsal to South Bend!

Futsal, a dynamic variant of soccer, is tailored for playing on basketball courts or indoor fields, offering an exhilarating sporting experience. Its fast-paced nature and smaller playing area make it an ideal introduction to soccer, particularly for younger enthusiasts. However, as safe spaces to play become harder to find, we are committed to finding and creating more opportunities.  

That's why we're on a mission! The Indiana Soccer Association wants to bring futsal to Pulaski Park but they need the help of the community to get it done. Join us in bringing this vision to life. Whether it's making a donation or spreading the word to your family and friends, every little bit helps. Let’s see how much we can accomplish when we work together! Visit Fundraiser by Indiana Soccer Association : Pulaski Park Futsal Court - South Bend, Indiana ( to learn more!

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