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“Reading as a Game Changer” Event at Coquillard Elementary School 

On March 6th, 2024, MARA (Michiana Athletic and Recreation Association) participated in a Literacy Event, “Reading as a Game Changer” at Coquillard Elementary School.  The night began with a viewing of selections from the acclaimed documentary The Right to Read, which was followed by a discussion with the parents. This movie emphasized the importance of reading as a “foundation for long-long success” and showed ways parents can engage their children for continued learning and practice at home. The movie and discussion were followed by games in the gym.  

Notre Dame students, some of whom were also varsity athletes, led a game of relay scrabble with the kids. Children split into two teams and did a relay race to collect letters written on pieces of paper. After the letters were collected, the children worked with their college student coaches to produce as many words as they could. This game was a fantastic way to stimulate their minds and get them active! After that was over, children had a chance to show parents to their classrooms where more activities were waiting for them. By the end of the evening, we couldn’t tell whether the students or parents enjoyed themselves more!  

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