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SBCSC and South Bend Venue Parks and Arts collaborate to put on Winter Basketball Program

Last winter South Bend Venue Parks & Arts along with the SBCSC put on a basketball program for youth in kindergarten through 5th grade. The program was designed for younger athletes to learn the correct way to play basketball and get them familiar with the sport in a fun environment. The league ran for 7 weeks, with the first two weeks being used for practices. In the last 5 weeks teams had practices 2 times a week at a location set by their team coach and games held on Saturdays.

Games were played in two 15-minute halves with all athletes getting in a good amount of play time. The kids had a great time putting what they learned to the test! K-2nd graders used lowered rims to make for good competitive games between the teams. The coaches and referees did a great job of making sure that no one felt left out and left the game feeling good whether they won or lost. Each game had an awesome turnout of fans each weekend eager to cheer them on!

Thank you to Milt Lee and Amanda Bender for coming together and making this happen. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we work together!

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